The Feathered Brow™ is Kristie's Trademarked style of eyebrow treatments. She inspires the fullest, most natural shape by encouraging clients to completely refrain from any form of hair removal for 6-8 weeks before first appointment to allow the natural shape to take place. The Feathered Brow softly sprouts at the beginning of the brow and gently fans over the brow bone, ending with a softly diffused tail. The look creates a soft, and naturally beautiful eyebrow that can detract from dark circles and add a youthful, healthy glow.

“Her simple technique involves tweezing the arch to open up the eye, but going easy on the ends (the back, or “tails,” and front, or “sprouts,” as she calls them), taking only every other hair for a look that is softer, slightly longer, and with the aforementioned feathered quality."

How is the look achieved and What Does it entail?

The Feathered Brow is achieved by first applying custom tint, usually a shade darker for better definition, to the interior of the brow. Then strategic tweezing of hairs from the outer edge of the brow gives the"feathered" look. The result is a diffused edge, rather than a hard lined definitive brow. It softens the eyes and face, detracting from age lines and dark circles.

$95 - $220 per 30 minute session


Why a Feathered Brow?

Full, long, and natural brows are flattering and keep you looking younger by drawing attention away from dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Thicker brows can make the eyes stand out and frames the face, requiring less makeup. The end of the brow thin out naturally with age, so it’s important to keep as much hair at the ends as possible. For the best results, clients are encouraged to let the eyebrows fill in for a minimum of 4 weeks before starting this technique. The desired results may take up to 4-8 months to achieve. With patience and self-restraint, you simply will not believe how it can transform your face. It may take 8-12 months for all the hair in the brow to fill in. Clients can bring a photo of themselves with full brows as inspiration and to see their natural eyebrow shape. So many clients get accustomed to seeing their eyebrows in their current, anemic state and forget how beautiful their brows can be with a successful Feathered Brow.


Famous Feathered Brows

The Olson sisters, Rachel Weisz, Jennifer Connelly, Keira Knightly and Carey Mulligan, among others, have all been seen with the Feathered Brow.



Even after following all recommendations, sometimes brows may not fill in as desired. Clients may consider an all-natural growth serum such as Grande Lash. If after one year, there is still no significant brow growth, clients may consider Brow Rehab or even Brow Restoration from Bosley.



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