Kristie Streicher's Aforé Oil, named Aforé for its "pre tweezing" benefits, is a soothing and nourishing potion made with organic Moroccan Argan Oil and a blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils.

After ten years of shaping brows, Kristie noticed a need to soften hair and skin to make the tweezing process more gentle. With her background in skincare and her knowledge of the elements and natural ingredients, she created this combination of oils to use on clients before eyebrow treatments. Kristie's clients loved it and with so many requests, she decided to make Aforé Oil available to everyone.

Aforé Oil is housed in an amber glass apothecary style bottle. The oil is noncomedogenic and very close to natural skin sebum. Aforé absorbs quickly and leaves skin healthy and glowing without clogging pores. The special blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils is not only calming to skin, but may help decrease tension and uplift the spirit.


Virgin Organic Moroccan Argan Oil,
Aloe Vera Oil, Essential Oils of:
Lavender, Tangerine, Orange,
Ylang ylang, Patchouli and
Blue Tansy

Uses for Aforé

>   Prior to tweezing to soften hair and skin for less painful tweezing

>   As a radiant moisturizer under makeup for a healthy glow

>   To spot treat on dry, peeling skin after sun exposure

>   On cuticles to soften and moisturize

>   To massage on the soles of feet to help calm and relax your body